June 6, 2017

This photo was taken yesterday among exhaustion and sadness.

A lot happened over the weekend, which just goes to show that we never really know what life will bring. We have no control, even if we think we do.

My uncle suddenly passed away as well as some other sad news around my family and friends and the terror attacks in London. As a highly sensitive person, it feels even heavier because I am sensing everyone else's emotions.  Because of this, I had to make the tough decision to post-pone my Hope & Peace Retreat...

May 15, 2017

You enter the gate
See where you want to go
You follow the path
Step by quiet step
Breathing deeply
Excitement and curiosity
You imagine how it will be
Reaching the end
Will it change everything?
Will it make you happy?
Will others admire your courage?

It seems as it's more out of reach the closer you get
You get weary
You begin to wonder
Is this worth it?
Will it be everything you imagined?
Should you turn back?
It's getting dark
Will you ever get there?
But the sun comes out shining with hop...

April 11, 2017

Sometimes you smile when it's the last thing you feel like doing.
Sometimes you smile because someone else needs it.
Sometimes you smile because you want to feel what it's like to be happy for a moment.
Sometimes you smile because you are happy.
Because of the memories.
Because of the future.
Sometimes you smile when you have no idea why.
Or nothing else to do.
It just feels right.
Or wrong.
Your heart aches but your lips smile anyway.
You know the depth of pain.
You know the truth of joy.
Because that's what life i...

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Reduce Anxiety/Panic While Wearing a Mask

May 12, 2020

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