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The guide that will reduce your anxiety 
this year and beyond.

I get it -- this time of year can be HARD.

Especially after 2020 & 2021. Years filled with ANXIETY.

Everywhere we turn, we are told to live in fear. It's not fun being afraid, nervous and overwhelmed for almost an entire year.


Then we enter into this new year and it doesn't feel right to create resolutions or fun goals... And it's hard to find motivation for 2022.


Our days often feel the same without much to look forward to.



Cold and gray days.



Working and/or teaching from home.


No vacationing.

Lack of sunshine.

Sleep issues.

Too much screen time.

Fear of the unknown.


This all creates anxiety whether you are a naturally anxious woman or not.


What if I told you…


You can find a sense of peace through the daily chaos and stress.

You can find a bit of hope through the loneliness and darkness.

You can feel more balanced with your energy and mood, causing you to feel uplifted, calm and content.


You can feel less anxious, allowing you a chance to be in the present moment


I fully believe that you are capable of this -- you just need the right guide.


Download my free Feel Less Anxious Guide below,

a compilation of my favorite tips and journal questions to find hope + peace wherever and whenever.


Just enter your name + e-mail below and it will be to you shortly!

xoxo, Shayna

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