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SPECIAL OFFER! The purchase of any HOPE Journey™ Product grants you exclusive access to the brand new Shayna Mahoney Insider's page where you will find a detailed video with Shayna's favorite way to use each product, as well as access to a FREE 5-minute guided meditation.


These two products will give you hope at home, at work, in your car and anywhere you need it! They are meant to give you hope and peace throughout your busy day. 


HOPE Spray
Sage and lavender spray to clear negative energy and promote peace.

~Made with organic lavender and sage essental oils mixed in water.
~Comes in a 4 ounce plastic blue spray bottle, which protects the oil.
~Bottle can also be cleaned out and re-used.
~The durable container also allows for travelling with your HOPE Spray.
~Hand-made locally on Cape Cod.
~The relaxing scent offers healing aromotherapy benefits.


HOPE Candle

~Made with soy wax.

~Hand-poured in small batches.

~Comes in tin container that can be cleaned out and re-used. The durable container also allows for travelling with your HOPE Candle.

~Hand-made locally on Cape Cod.

~The relaxing scent of vanilla, corriander, and tonka offers healing aromotherapy benefits.


Save $2! Only $26.90 when purchased in this package.


This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

HOPE Spray & Candle Bundle

  • Product Info

    This bundle includes one 4oz. bottle of HOPE Spray and one HOPE Candle in a reusable tin can. 


    Shake well before use.



    "I just sprayed my entire bedroom with the Hope spray. It smells freaking incredible! It's so subtle and not soo strong-I love it! Thank you so much. Your products are just so beautiful. I also need another Hope candle soon!"~Hannah, Rhode Island


    "Love it! Obsessed with the scent"~Alyssa, Cape Cod 


    "I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I love your candle. It's wonderful!"~Laura, Maine


    "Brought your amazing candle with us on vacation. The smell is beyond amazing! Seriously. Made even our hotel room last night feel like home"~Amanda, Cape Cod 


    "I just did your candle meditation and it's amazing! Thank you!" Christine, Texas


    "I've done your 5 minute meditation multiple times & LOVE it. Your candle is lit next to me right now as I am typing. The scent is so calming & yummy!" Angela, Massachusetts


    "Just want to let you know how obsessed I am with my candle! I almost crave smelling it, is that weird? Lol" Danelle, Massachusetts

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