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From Heartache to Hope

A 90-Minute private coaching experience

Friends by the Lake

What if you could feel hopeful, loved, supported, and courageous

in only 90 minutes?

  • Has this past year left you exhausted, unmotivated, or stressed?

  • Have you been feeling extra anxious, sensitive and stuck lately?

  • Do you need a chance to breathe and find a sense of hope and peace?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re probably already overwhelmed by what you think it will take to make changes.

If you’re ready to give up before you even start, you are here reading this for a reason.

What if you were just one phone call away from feeling like yourself again?

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In this 90-minute session, I can help you find the inner peace and confidence that feels out of reach. 

Before our call, I will review your intake form and get clarity and intuition on how to connect with you in the most powerful way possible.

We will begin our session by allowing you to get grounded and present with a guided, calming meditation.

We will then dig deep into your desires and struggles and begin your healing process. (This may include regression work, visualizations, habit-change techniques, future-pacing and more. Even if you don't know what any of that is!)


It will be unique to you, your life, your struggles and desires.

The final part will include a process to help you move forward, including an Oracle Card Reading.  This intuitive reading will give you clarity to tap into your own feminine wisdom.

What to Expect

Together we will create clear action steps to

continue your guidance and motivation.

You will leave this session feeling hopeful, loved, supported and courageous.

You will discover an “upgraded you” in only 90 minutes.

You’ll be closer to the peace you desire.

Most importantly, you will be different without knowing to be different, which is the true groundwork for life transformation.

After our experience together, you will receive a detailed follow-up e-mail including your action steps and photo of your chosen Oracle Card, which will be your feminine archetype.


Total Investment: $397


  • 90 Minute Private Phone Session

  • E-mail with Personalized Recommendations, Oracle Card Photo with Description,
    and Anxious to Calm Meditation Recording 

  • Bonus: HOPE Set in the mail (Soy Candle, Sage & Lavender Spray and Organic Herbal Tea)

(Apply at the button below. This session occurs over the phone, audio only.

Please make sure to be in a comfortable and
quiet space with something to sip and a notebook.)

What others are saying about the

90 Minute Heartache to Hope Healing Sessions

“I was torn, couldn’t make a decision to save my life, and stuck. Then one day I reached out to Shayna for help. Girls, let me tell you she is heaven sent! The 90 minute healing Hope session was the best decision I’ve ever made (Well worth the money)! She helped me in ways that I would describe as out of this world! We connected in I believe in a spiritual way. She would hit the head of the nail every time as if she knew what I was thinking and feeling! I feel like a whole new person, the gratitude I feel for Shayna is out of this world. She touched my heart! I will forever be thankful.  I would recommend Shayna to everyone that I meet!” -Hope, Alaska


"I met Shayna a few months back through a networking group and felt an instant connection with her. I've been faced with a large life decision and needed some extra guidance to help feel clarity. I didn't know exactly what to expect in the call except I knew Shayna would make me feel comfortable and offer great advice. Well, she did that and more! Her warm demeanor, kind words and resources offered helped me gain clarity and also allowed me to look further into myself as a whole."- Jackie, Boston 


"My deep dive call with Shayna was pretty epic. We went to the root of the issue and created a higher vibration perspective and experience to reshape my past, present and future self. Shayna holds space for you to make powerful positive change. As a coach myself I feel so blessed to have Shayna in my life so that I can continue to walk my talk and be of high service to others."  -Kelsey Fox Bennett

“Shayna is absolutely amazing! She has a way of making you feel more confident and excited about the future in only a 90 minute phone conversation! She gives you the tools to work towards creating the future of your dreams. I am excited to be starting my journey towards being happier and healthier in my every day life- thanks to Shayna!” 


" The heartache to hope call was extremely powerful for me. It left me feeling really grounded, empowered and light, like a weight was lifted off of my chest. Shayna is such a caring and genuine person, making it so much easier to talk about things and open up on a deeper level, which is where the true changes can be made. I am just so grateful for Shayna and all of her work! "


"Shayna is a listening ear, calm voice of reason and flood of light. She brings hope through her guidance and gentle approach to getting to know you and allow you to open up. Within minutes of talking with Shayna you feel a sense of ease and comfort and willingness to share you. I have been struggling with anxiety and uncertainness of my life’s journey leading to thoughts of doubt and lack of confidence. Shayna helped me see the light and come up with strategies to help ease my anxieties and inner struggles. Throughout the journey we relaxed our minds with meditation, discussed my biggest struggles, took a mind body approach to come up with solutions and even had a Oracle card reading. I often refer back to the card she pulled for me in our session as it truly is amazing how much it relates to my journey. Thank you Shayna for being an amazing soul who brings new light to others."


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"Thank you so much Shayna! I LOVED our call today and it came at the exact moment in time! I had been feeling anxious all week and you were able to allow me to heal parts of myself that needed attention. I was able to really witness how the worry creeps in and look at it from the outside, knowing that it isn't a part of me - I am safe because I have my own unconditional love to call upon with every breath. You were able to let me decide how and who I want to be by giving myself love and seeing all my power. I can now access that sense of feeling grounded and centered each day with your action steps. You really helped me let go of blocks and clear the way for a bright future of fun, creativity, trust and HOPE! Thank you for holding this space for me and inspiring me - it is so obvious you are doing your life's work! You are a true gift to us all!" 


You may have some questions about how such transformation can take place in just 90 minutes. The FAQ below will help you determine if this powerful session is right for you.

$397 seems like a lot for only one session. Why should I invest in this call instead of something else?
I totally understand where you are coming from. I am sure you work hard for your money and want to make sure you aren’t spending it carelessly. I used to live paycheck to paycheck and waste money going out to dinner, getting takeout, ordering drinks, and buying cheap clothes, which weren’t benefiting my future what-so-ever.

When I learned how to actually INVEST in my body, mind and future, everything changed. I have invested into coaches and mentorship that have changed my life. This 90 minute call is meant to ADD value to your daily life. When we learn to spend our time, money and energy on positive things, we begin to attract more positivity into our lives. We also choose not to spend on things that no longer serve us like too many sugary cocktails and clothes that will just sit in our closet.

You will make sure to show up and do the work because you paid for it. We will work on some amazing things and you will leave the call feeling hopeful and inspired, which will change your future.
It’s not only about the 90 minutes. It is about what happens after it...

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."
~George Bernard Shaw
What types of things will this call help me with?

The awesome thing about doing this private session is that it is all about YOU and what you need at the time of the call. We will begin by making sure you are relaxed and present and then we can work on anything from healthy eating habits to setting up an organized schedule to healing trauma from childhood to visualizing your dream future. I will use my intuition to see where to take the call, but I ask you to be open and honest about what you desire out of our time together. You will leave the call with manageable action steps so you can keep on moving forward.

"We can't become what we need to be by remaining where we are"~Oprah 
I'm scared but it feels right. How do I sign up?

"May your choices reflect your hopes. Not your fears."~Nelson Mandela

Click on the button below to be brought to my online calendar. You can then choose a time that works best for you and fill out the intake form for me to review.
(If you are unable to find a time that works for you, please reach out to to let us know the best time for you. We will let you know if we can find a time that works for both of us).

How do I prepare for the call?
The details will be in your prep e-mail, but basically set the time aside to be in a comfortable and quiet place. Our call will be audio only since video can have technical issues that are disruptive.  

I recommend having a journal, pen and something to sip. I also recommend setting another 30 minutes or so after our call to allow it all to sink in and unfold. After our call, you will get a follow-up e-mail to give you a plan moving forward.
If you have a specific question, please reach out to
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