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From Heartache to Hope:
90 Day Program

This 90 Day Personalized Program Includes:

  • 6 private phone sessions (bi-weekly for 45 minutes)

  • Unlimited e-mail support

  • Handouts, Guides, & Recipes

  • Book and DVD Recommendations

  • 15% off Shaklee Products

What's Included

To break free from the past and build a solid foundation of support, gratitude for what is, and courage to move forward.

This program guides you through the foundation of the HOPE Journey™

and begins your journey to heal so you can be more open, find peace in your life and begin to express your unique self.

You will learn how to:

  • Release Anxiety Naturally

  • Feel Energized

  • Reduce Daily Stress & Overwhelm

  • Find Peace Within & Feel Calm

  • Feel More Confident

  • Create Lasting Positive Change

  • Find Passion & Excitement in Your Life

Are you the type of client that I want to work with?

You are comitted to making a lasting change in your life.
You are ready and willing to make an investment with your time, energy, and finances to change your life experience.
You want to feel hopeful, loved, and happy, while also finding your purpose for being here.
You understand the value and importance of having a coach to hold you responsible for your actions.

Do you think we would make a great team?

Do you constantly tell yourself that things will get better once "blank" changes? I'll be happier when I get a promotion. I'll be happier when I lose weight. I'll be happier when I move to a new city. 

I was the same way. Constantly living my life on edge, telling myself that things would get better once I made all these external changes. But after I began my coaching work, I realized how we could have everything we ever want in life and still be unhappy because we neglect to work on our inner self. I want to work with you if you are ready to dive deep and make permanent lasting changes. There are a limited number of coaching spots available for this program, so I ask that each interested client complete a short application to determine our compatability. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me or my team, and we would be happy to assist you!

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