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“When the world says give up,
hope whispers...
try it one more time”
My Manifesto

I am passionate about giving women hope to embrace their anxiety and find purpose and peace within.

It truly breaks my heart to see women just going through the motions feeling drained and sad.
Not knowing how to cope with their feelings.
Thinking it’s the way it has to be.
Feeling like they are all alone.

My heart bursts when I see women smiling, day-dreaming and following their hearts.
Even if it seems simple.

I am here to inspire others by walking my talk.

Which to me means…

Waking up with my big dreams floating through my head

Moving slowly and mindfully through my day

Eating nourishing meals for my mind and body

Taking time to do what I love most

Like walking my dog, going to yoga, singing
Watching movies and reading by the fire

Spending time with the ones I love

Being present and feeling fully, even when I’m sad or angry.
Knowing feeling emotions is not a bad thing.

My clients are my inspiration. I want to see them live life to the fullest and smile as much as possible. Without regret.

In my world quiet time and compassion are absolutely necessary

Walking the beach is always a fabulous and possible idea

Positive growth is never-ending

Comparing is over-rated and judging is an absolute NO, thank you

Fantasizing about being 5’8” is totally reasonable

Striving for freedom, inner-peace and joy is a total must

But at the end of the day all that really matters is happiness

Happiness within

Being happy with who we are
Where we are
What we are

We get to choose.

When I leave this place, I want to be remembered as a whole-hearted, authentic, and happy woman who reached her dreams while inspiring others to do the same.

Making a positive difference in the lives of women.

Leaving some kind of footprint on the earth.

Even if it’s only a size 5 1/2.

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