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Expressing Emotions Interviews:
Giving you Hope Through the Ups and Downs of Life
  • Is anxiety holding you back from showing up fully in your relationships, social situations, career and overall life?

  • Have you always judged yourself for being "overly sensitive" but there's a part of you that knows your sensitive nature helps you see certain parts of life with more love and compassion?

  • Do you find yourself or someone you love turning to food, alcohol, drugs, self-harm and isolation when feeling sad, anxious, depressed and/or are grieving?

  • Do you feel a variety of emotions inside but don't know how to release them?


There are healthy and empowering tools you can start using to cope with the big feelings you are experiencing.


I am here to help you move from feeling alone with your emotions to discovering hope, connection and inspired action that will build on your strength as a highly sensitive and emotional person.


I am thrilled to share with you tools and wisdom that you can immediately apply to your life from a few of my favorite experts! They each have had their share of struggles but have learned how to not only cope, but THRIVE in healthy, life-giving ways. They share their gifts in this series from a vulnerable, personal place and I know you're going to receive so much by joining us.

Join below now to receive these 3 interviews for FREE the week of November 14th. 

Join me for this FREE three-part call series featuring:

In these calls you will learn:

  • What happens when we repress our emotions and how it can be linked to anxiety and sugar and drug addiction

  • How they have coped with their emotions through changes in life such as going to college, moving, tragedy and becoming a mom

  • How to take responsibility for your own self-care so you can begin to heal

  • Ways to keep going forward even when you want to give up

  • How to find joy in the simple things

  • Each of their special definitions of hope


You will leave these calls feeling hopeful, inspired and valued.

Sign up by November 13th to receive these *special bonuses*:

  • 30 Minute Expressing Emotions Call with Shayna Mahoney

This one-to-one call will allow you to release some of your feelings and give you hope to move forward in your life.

This all natural soy candle has a grounding and calming scent. It can be kept or given as a gift!

This call series is totally free. It’s here to give you hope, insight and inspiration so you can cope with your feelings through the ups and downs in life. All you have to do is sign up and each call will be e-mailed to you the week of November 14th, 2016

Lots of love,

P.S. Please share with others who are looking for hope and inspiration through their struggles with anxiety, overwhelm, grief and other emotions in life. We can continue making a difference with help from caring people like you.

Hi! I am Shayna Mahoney and I am a holistic life coach who gives women hope to embrace their anxiety and find peace and purpose within. I have been guiding sensitive women over the past few years using my unique HOPE Journey™ through private coaching, workshops, retreats and articles.

I have personally struggled with anxiety, sensitivity and expressing my emotions from a young age. I have always been intrigued by how people handle their emotions and cope with difficult situations. 


After these past 10 years of education and experience with psychology, human development, nutrition, mindset, coaching and more, I realized I am here to bring more awareness into this difficult conversation. So many people are struggling to express themselves fully and are turning to food, alcohol, drugs, self-harm and isolation when feeling sad, anxious, depressed, and/or are grieving. There is more pressure and distraction than there ever has been due to technology and society.

I thought it would be helpful to interview a few of my favorite people around this topic. They each have had their own struggles in life but have learned ways to cope in healthier ways. They are using their personal experiences to help others, including myself, who need it most. Sign up above to receive these special interviews.
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