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Love Stories

I am so grateful for all of the amazing people that I have worked with since starting my coaching practice in 2010.

Below are some of the love messages that I have received along the way, which makes all the hard-work worth it!

"I'm beginning to cry as I write this because now I am FREE. My anxiety, as you know, as been crippling for me for 10 years now. Something as simple as choosing the healthier options instead of hiding from the world all day, I can never pay you in any amount for. Shayna, thank you for bringing out in me something I never thought I could. I truly feel like you have helped ME save ME. I have no doubt God brought you in my life, and I thank Him every week." ~Amanda, Cape Cod

"My fifteen year old daughter, Elizabeth just completed the 6 month Hope journey with Shayna.  She has struggled with anxiety and bouts of depression these past few years.  It's been amazing to see her transformation over this past year especially while working with Shayna. Elizabeth has been excelling academically and has pushed herself to become involved in sports and activities at her new high school.  As she continues to grow into adulthood, I am confident that she will continue to draw upon the tools that she has learned from Shayna which include healthy eating habits, positive self talk, meditation, and a newfound sense of direction.  We are considering extending Elizabeth's journey for another 3 months to continue with the progress she has made already."~Jean

"I wanted to let you know that doing the 90 day HOPE program with you was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I feel so much more grounded, have less worry, and overall feel that confidence and self-worth that was inside of me but just pushed down. I feel so blessed and so much gratitude for life leading me to you. Thank you for sharing your HOPE method with me and overall just being an extremely positive and inspiring person in my life." ~Gina, Texas

"Just thought you should know that you are the best decision I've ever made in regards to my health. I am so thankful to have you in my life! I had no idea how you can heal yourself with food... I never thought I would be able to beat a lot of my anxiety and depression with food. I am so happy that I have learned how to read my body... Something I never knew how to do before! I feel so much more in tune with my body and I only hope one day I can help others the way you have helped me! You have a real talent!" -Hannah, Mattapoiset

"Shayna’s  expertise was an essential tool in helping our daughter in college overcome her struggle with anxiety.  Shayna’s  ability to work with the ‘whole person’ in a holistic approach empowered our daughter and allowed her to have a break-through summer.  She provided motivation, gentle direction, goal setting techniques and nutritional recipes which combined to help Ashley learn  to manage her anxiety rather than be managed by it.  Shayna’s in-depth knowledge of nutrition and her ability to listen and support her clients is what separates her from the other holistic health coaches.  I whole heartedly recommend her work and wish her great success; for in the end her success is all of ours." ~Jane, Osterville

"You are without a doubt one of the most beautiful woman I know. I have had the pleasure of knowing you for 4 years and it has been an invaluable experience for me. As a friend you have inspired me to have the courage to become the person I am truly meant to be. Your bravery with changing your life and following your dreams, through all your challenges has encouraged me enormously. Seeing you pushed me in the right direction. I am so honored to call you my friend. Our friendship keeps me inspired all the time, you’re gracious, loving and caring and I am so happy you are getting to share this with the world. Empowering women is such an important job and I couldn’t think of anyone better. You have an inspiring story to tell and I credit your inspiration with guiding me on the journey of my life. I have found yoga, studying Nutritional Therapy and now living my life mindfully and fully present. Enjoying every up & down. You never fail to amaze me and I admire your ability to follow your bliss and how much you manage motivate people around you daily. You are not only my friend but also someone I look up to. You are awesome! Thank you for being you." ~Charlene, England

"Working with Shayna has been a life changing experience for me. Her hard work, dedication and motivation has instilled a flame in me that will never stop burning! Thanks to Shayna, I wake up everyday excited to conquer life's challenges and experience new and exciting things. I could have never changed my life without her help!" ~Monique RN, Marstons Mills

"I set up a phone call with Shayna because I was feeling a bit depressed and had low energy and heard she might be able to help. We had a great conversation where I found myself crying! Shayna was great at listening and shared her experience of feeling depressed and exhausted. I also mentioned to her that my husband and I would love to have a baby but I didn't feel I would be able to bring a child into my life without feeling better about myself. I signed up to work with her for 90 days and it was an amazing experience. I loved the different techniques we did to help me focus on taking better care of myself and her Shaklee vitamin recommendation. I especially loved the positive affirmations. She helped me to feel hopeful, confident and energized during each phone session, which was opposite of how my therapist made me feel. Halfway through the program, I called Shayna to let her know that I was pregnant! My focus changed to having a healthy baby and Shayna was able to give me the support I needed. She did research and sent me ideas on how to take care of myself and the baby. My husband asked me if I thought Shayna's program was worth the investment and I told him it absolutely was because I reached all of my goals and I smile much more." ~Loreta, Cape Cod

"Shayna has the biggest heart! She deeply desires every person to fully love their own life and self. She has helped me to uncover my own desires, how to shift into having them. Shayna really has an incredibly deep passion and love for her work, she comes from this place inside of her, wishing the whole world happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction with their life, body, and choices! She's the real deal". ~Sarah, Oregon

"I met Shayna at a networking dinner this summer. As soon as she mentioned she works with women struggling with anxiety, I knew I had to learn more. I scheduled her free session and we met in person a couple of weeks later.  I was amazed at how much I opened up to her in just that hour. I was more open with Shayna than I had been in a full year working with a therapist.  I knew I had to continue working with her since she would help me reach my health and personal goals over the next 90 days. So far she has inspired me to get organized in my life and set new goals during each session. I am feeling more excited and positive about life as I work on my goals and prepare to open my own business, which I have always dreamed about. If you are looking to have the support and accountability to get through your fears and reach for your dreams, I recommend you at least schedule a free session with her so she can guide you through your own unique experience.  I'm sure you will find as I did that Shayna is nonjudgemental, very supportive and extremely easy to talk to."  ~Kathleen, Bourne

"I worked with Shayna while going through a very challenging time in my life. She helped me gain perspective about what was happening in my life and was such a supportive guide through the process. Shayna's approach is kind and curious and completely non-judgmental. She was able to make connections that I hadn't seen - in different aspects of my life, including health, energy levels, emotional stress, and even my business. Most importantly, she helped me re-gain trust in myself and my intuition, something I've been able to take with me since our coaching relationship ended. I highly recommend Shayna if there is anything in your health or personal life that needs a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective." ~Ann, CA

If you are not following Shayna Mahoney yet you should be… If you strive to be a better person, are looking for a more full life, struggle with depression or just feel like something is holding you back from hitting your goals this lady is right in our back yard (for my Cape friends)! If I grow to become even half of the holistic wellness coach she is I’ll be pumped, can’t wait to get home and meet with her.” ~Heather, Cape Cod

"Somehow, with Shayna's guidance, I peeled back another layer of the onion. I have been feeling so disconnected from myself b/c I haven't been cooking as much as I normally do, which is my source of creativity, empowerment, and confidence. Thank you, Shayna!" ~Lizeth, CA

"Shayna, your re-energizing call was delightful. Great tips! I liked doing the 5-5-7 breathing with you. I thought about you today and the courage it took to make the show go on, after all you faced in yesterday's violence and aftermath from the Boston Marathon. I loved hearing your voice again. You were very professional and I am so proud of you. Wishing you much success with your new venture." ~Pam, Florida"

"I am so happy for you and all that you have accomplished with your business (and life in general!). You are doing amazing work and I hope you realize what an impact you are having on people (myself included!). I'm very grateful to have you as a friend, and appreciate the time that we do get to talk."~Jess, Seattle

"I had a really great week after the conversation with you a week ago. I'm making healthier choices and surrounding myself with more positive people"~Cathleen, Bourne

"I've really enjoyed the clean and natural foods over the past 5 days.  I was very surprised that I didn't have a lot of cravings. All of the foods and focus this week has helped keep me balanced in body, mind, and my mood…." ~Chrissa, Pennsylvania

"Everything is great I've lost over 10 pounds and feel amazing! It's been a relaxing summer and I'm getting ahead on college things! Thank you! I will never be able to repay you! I'm so grateful!" Christie-Lee, Cape Cod

"I’m awesome, more than I can express. I love everyone at my school, lost SO much weight, getting good grades, and now applying for High School! Thank you so much for your help during my rough times!" Lily, San Diego

"Shayna is one of these very unique coaches that has such incredible intuition and the ability to see deep inside your heart. I absolutely loved the relaxed and very secure space that she held for me... She had a very positive and optimistic way to reframe that brought such a refreshing perspective. I love her very distinct coaching style that was filled with just the right gentle touch. Her sincere encouragement was deeply felt, as she carefully allowed me to begin to find who I am... Thank you so much Shayna for your masterful coaching! You are amazing and can't wait to work with you again!!!" ~Trisha, Washington

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your presentation at tonight's ABWA meeting.  It was very inspiring and made me want to learn more about cutting the caffeine and sugar from my diet." Kim, Cape Cod

"You were terrific and very inspiring at tonight's ABWA meeting! Thanks for doing such a thoughtful and great job!" Andi Gesner, Executive Director of WE CAN

"The work you do in the world is awesome. I love getting your e-mails XO" Jen, Maine

“Hi Shayna, I heard wonderful things about your presentation last night!  And your email this morning is what helped me make my final decision to do the winter detox. I can do this!”~ Arden, Cape Cod

"Shayna is a wonderful person and health coach. She is supportive, kind, and educational. I was introduced to her by participating in her 5 Day Detox where she really helped engrain a healthy mindset around food and lowering stress levels. I would recommend her coaching to anyone who needs to achieve a healthier mind or body." ~Sherry, Cape Cod

Her thorough commitment to our relationship made me realize that HOPE journey was perfect for me. ~ Emma

I really liked the conversations I had with Shayna and had a connection with her, so the trust in her and the attraction to her HOPE method went hand in hand. Before doing the 6 month program I had done a weekend retreat, which was the first place I experienced the HOPE method, and I really liked it, so I knew I could only stand to benefit from a longer program. ~ Stephanie Haussmann

One of the greatest parts of working with Shayna is the realization that I’m not alone in the things I struggle with. I loved being part of our group sessions, where I heard experiences similar to my own from other women in my age group. We could share our frustrations – and victories! – knowing that they wouldn’t be regarded as abnormal or strange. In both group and individual settings, Shayna is so easy to work with because it’s never about her telling you what to do: rather, she asks you questions to reflect on, helping you uncover what’s already within you. ~ Amanda Bebrin

Shayna and I connected through a mutual friend and I felt her light from the moment I met her. I knew that I needed the support to get my business started and I knew that Shayna would be able to provide the love, support and encouragement that I needed. ~ Angela Howard

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