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From Hope to Happiness:

A  Six-Month Transformational Journey

To experiencing true joy and confidence through the ups and downs of your precious life

This exclusive coaching package is designed for women who are ready for a commitment to lasting change. These women are ready and willing to make an investment with their time, energy, and finances to change their life experience. It is conducted with the greatest amount of attention, support and accountability. It is NOT offered to everyone and is by application only since there are limited spaced available throughout the year.

We will dig deep into the healing process and find joy from within. You’ll be finding yourself in ways you didn’t realize were possible. You will be letting go of emotions and experiences from your past so you can be more present. You will begin to feel hopeful, loved, and happy and get clarity on your purpose for being here.

We will use every aspect of the HOPE Journey™ including nutrition, hormonal balancing, exercise, clearing physical and mental clutter, finding peace through the chaos of your day, healing childhood imprinted beliefs, building confidence, all so you can begin to feel energized and express your unique self and passions.

If you are ready to make a commitment to changing your life, I encourage you to apply for the 6-Month coaching experience. I will review all applications and personally contact you if I feel that this program would be a good fit. If you have any questions, please contact me or my team today, we would be happy to help you!

What's Included

This Six-Month Experience Includes:

  • 12 private phone sessions (bi-weekly for 45 minutes)

  • Unlimited e-mail support​

  • HOPE Candle

  • Shaklee Vitalizer (high-quality multivitamins, probiotics, fish oil and more)

  • Special Gifts sent to you (ie. inspiring books, healthy mood + energy boosting treats, relaxing self-care items, etc.)

  • 60 Minute local massage

  • Handouts, Recipes, Articles, Book & Product Recommendations

  • 15% off Shaklee Products



The HOPE method gave me hope in my life by slowly going through each letter. I signed up for the 6 months with Shayna and I didn’t regret it one bit. With H(eal) O(pen) P(eace) and E(xpress), Shayna brought my once dark world to light.

- Christie

Every drop of time, money, and energy I have put into this, has given me 200% back. I truly believe it was a gift from God that Shayna entered my life. Sometimes we try to think of every possible excuse why we shouldn’t invest in ourselves and think of it as selfish, but when it comes to healing yourself, I have learned being selfish is needed in order to be there for others.

- Amanda

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