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Mindfulness Gift Ideas

Finding gifts for our special family, friends, co-workers, clients, etc. can be difficult! I always try to pay close attention to what others are going through and what could help them be mindful and slow down.

I also understand that the holiday season is meant to feel magical, but sometimes ends up just being super overwhelming.

Being a highly sensitive + naturally anxious woman, I can relate all too well...

There is SO much stimulation during the holidays.

Lights, sounds, people everywhere. The anxious, introverted and sensitive woman can easily become depleted and frustrated.

I often provide my clients with gifts to help ease their anxiety. I gathered some of these thoughtful gift ideas to help you create mindfulness for that special person. (Make a gift bag with one or more of these items to make it feel personalized and valuable!)

  • Salt Lamp Have you been hearing the buzz about salt lamps? Click here to learn more about how this unique lamp promotes peace and overall health.

  • Journal with Pen A journal is such an amazing tool to release stress and emotions. There are so many colors, styles, and sizes available. And who wouldn't love a pretty pen to go with it?

  • Gift Certificate for Self-Care Many women, especially moms, don't take enough time for self-care, which creates more anxiety and stress. Find a local yoga studio or spa and grab a gift certificate for yoga classes, massage, facial, pedicure, etc.

  • Book(s) Some of my personal faves are: You Can Heal Your Life, You Are a Badass, The Big Leap, Food Mood Solution, The Desire Map, White Hot Truth, The Universe has your Back. Think about what they like to read or grab them a gift card to a bookstore.

  • Lavender Eye Mask I often give my clients these to help them sleep. I love the ones that you can heat up in the microwave or cool off in the freezer. Lavender is super calming and relaxing.

  • Stone Bracelet There are now so many bracelets with crystals such as amethyst, which helps to promote calmness. Many of them come with charms to make it feel personalized. Visit a local jewelry maker to see the variety.

Remember, try to shop small + local whenever possible!

Since I specifically work with highly sensitive, anxious, dreaming ladies, I am able to offer you even more gift options. Additionally, you are shopping small (and local if you are on Cape Cod!) and I TRULY appreciate that!

I have developed each of these sensory products to give hope + peace.

  • Hope Candle This hand-made vanilla-blend natural soy candle is sparkly and comes with a poem, hope gem and meditation. It's a grounding scent meant to calm the body and mind. (Can be purchased online and shipped anywhere in the US!)

  • Hope Spray This hand-made lavender + sage essential oil spray promotes peace and clears negative energy. It can be carried and used anywhere. (Can be purchased online and shipped anywhere in the US!)

  • Hope Tea Sipping tea is a relaxing part of a routine. I have developed a unique herbal and caffeine-free tea, meant to help calm the body and mind, among many other benefits! You can then get a mug to match your loved one's personality. (Can be purchased online and shipped anywhere in the US!)

You can also get HOPE product sets at

Contact me to find out more details about any of these offers or make a unique gift bag!

Happy Holidays!


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