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Meet Molly! She's here to give you hope...

I am super excited to introduce to you my new assistant, Molly!

This was a natural next step for Shayna Mahoney Coaching, especially as I prepare for my maternity leave this winter.

I was at an acupuncture appointment this summer and started chatting with Molly. We realized how much we have in common when it comes to wanting to empower women and give them hope.

I was thinking about hiring a local assistant soon to help me stay organized and continue with my vision and mission. I started writing the job description and saw Molly in my head! I reached out to her and asked if she'd be interested in learning more. She filled out the application and we set up an interview.

We had an amazing conversation about confidence, anxiety, nutrition and so much more as a white butterfly kept flying between us, which is part of my logo! (We both saw that as a sign.)

In her application, she said something that really stuck out to me:

"My view of women's empowerment is reminding women that it is important to realize their full potential that lies deep within themselves so that they can attain the best life possible without worrying about their past, or any other "stuff" that blocks them"

Hell, yes!

Here is a little message from Molly as we work on some exciting ideas moving forward. Stay tuned:

"As a 22 year old woman, the experience of growing up, coming to a full understanding of self, and deciding who I want to be was not an easy journey."

Like so many other young women in this day and age, I struggled with anxiety and self love throughout my experience of adolescence. That is until, through a series of life experiences and deciding to go 'within,' I came to a realization of my own power and declared it my own personal mission to spread that same message self love and self confidence to other young women who might struggle with those same things.

The world needs more confident, loving, and purposeful women- my goal is to help as many women find that light within themselves as humanly possible.

It is through some of our darkest and cloudiest days that, although it might seem there is nothing more for us, a light finally shows up to guide us to something greater than we ever could imagine. I found that light; it sure does exist, and it gave me HOPE that has now brought me to the most happiness I have ever known within myself. It is that same light I came across, that I have taken into my own energy, trying to spread it to those who might be seeking it on their own journeys.

Through meeting Shayna who shares in that powerful light of love and acceptance, I hope to meet as many women as possible and help her in lifting others and helping them to find their inner light so that they, too, can bring it into the world in their own ways. "


Welcome Molly in the comments! I'm sure she'd love to hear from my sweet community.

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