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When being busy isn't a good thing

My previous client and intern, Christie, wrote a personal essay about being a busy woman and I absolutely love the truth of it all! I'm sure you can relate. I know I can as a new mom, entrepreneur and a sensitive-introvert who sometimes just needs some space and quiet time in between the busy-ness.

The Truth About Being Busy

Being busy and having a set schedule can be a very beneficial thing. Creating a cycle

that works for you develops a healthy mind, helps you achieve goals, eases any unnecessary anxiety, and may increase organization/life skills!

While all of this sounds great, did you know being too busy can actually become a rather negative thing?

I may only be twenty-one years old, but over the last few months of summer, my busy schedule has definitely tested me.

Now I realize this is called adulting, when your social life slowly begins to diminish. But I noticed the schedule I have made for myself, and the clock my body is running on hasn’t allowed me to focus on myself...

Working two jobs and taking three online classes for school has allowed me to increase my work ethic and reach certain goals, but I forgot about one very important thing- ME!

On a rainy afternoon (ironic I know), I was sitting on my couch listening to Coldplay when I began thinking about the last time I took a moment to assess whether I am truly happy and healthy.

  • When was the last time I really sat down and relaxed?

  • Put on a good movie?

  • Treated myself to a little shopping?

  • Maybe indulge in my chocolate cravings?

These things may be small, but for me, especially after hard work, it makes me happy and it feels rewarding to take some me-time.

I have always been one to care for people and throw everything down for those I love.

Just as it is important to care about and help other people, you should not ignore yourself because you truly are just as important.

I still slip into old habits when it comes to dealing with my depression and anxiety, but it is almost more frustrating to realize that I haven’t found time for self-care.

When I am at college, I will get the typical “Christie why don’t you come out it’s a

Friday?” or “Why are you sitting on the couch relaxing on a weekend?” At first, this was irritating to me, but then I recognized that I needed some downtime, and I am proud of this self-realization because it really does help me maintain a healthy mind and adds balance to my life.

No matter how busy or free you may be, there is always time for self-care, so don’t feel

guilty for wanting to stay in for the night, or having to take a break from doing work, or whatever it is that is keeping you busy!

The next time your schedule makes you feel overwhelmed and those anxious feelings begin to flood your mind and body I encourage you to take a step back, take a breath, and do something that makes you happy.

Also check out my tips for easing anxiety in the last blog post here.

We want to hear from you! What do you do to find solitude during the busy time?

Shayna & Christie


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