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Client Interview with Annika

Annika was the original owner of Centerville Yoga, where I began my yoga practice and started coaching clients on Cape Cod! I've enjoyed witnessing her journey as a mom and entrepreneur this past decade. I felt honored when she came to me this summer for support through her own anxiety. We have such similar personalities (sensitive dreamers!)

I appreciate her honesty and vulnerability through our work together and sharing a bit of it here publicly.

What attracted you to Shayna's HOPE Journey?

Shayna and her program came in my life at the perfect time. I made one of the biggest decisions of my life and needed to learn how to live life free of my best friend. This best friend was alcohol. It snuck up on me, but I became addicted to numbing my feelings with alcohol and when I finally made the decision to give it up, I had to deal with all those feelings I was numbing. This was scary. Shayna’s weekly calls helped me work through all this feelings. She made me feel like everything I was going through was absolutely normal and that’s what I needed to hear.

Shayna has a lot of experience working with clients who are suffering from major anxiety like I was, so I thought she'd be the right coach for me because of her experience. She also shares her own personal journey dealing with anxiety, so you get the sense that she really gets it.

How did the HOPE Journey give you hope in your life?

The Hope Journey provided me a peak at how it feels to live life with hope in it. I spent many years feeling hopeless. Anxiety took over my life, and I was living a life full of fear.

What did you most enjoy about the process of working with a coach?

Shayna especially, was such a great coach for me. She truly made me feel like I wasn't being judged. It's easy for me to feel like people are judging me or like my life is under a microscope. She made me realize that I wasn't alone and that it's a must to accept help and support. We can't go through life without support. In my case, I wasn't actually alone, but at times it certainly felt like that.

How was Shayna's HOPE Journey different from other programs that you have tried?

For me, it's key that people hold me accountable, and Shayna did that for me. Her and I came up with a realistic set of tasks to get accomplished before our next call. It was a short concise list of goals to complete within one week, and that was doable for me. How was Shayna's HOPE Journey different from other programs that you have tried?

I feel more balanced in my life. I am not shaky anymore due to anxiety, and maybe one HUGE reason is because I was able to be real and raw with Shayna in a way I never was with a coach before. She created a safe place for us to clear stuck energy that I had been carrying with me for a few years. Maybe my whole life. I now know that living a life where anxiety is not leading my life is possible. I have more peace in my life and hope for the future.

How has making this investment with your time, energy, and finances impacted your life and future?

I invested money in the HOPE Journey, and therefore it motivated me to make sure I was on the calls and completing the tasks we discussed. This was the first time that I actually stuck with a program like this. My usual pattern would have been to commit then cancel, or quit. I guess the timing was right in my life.

More about Annika:

My Business Career started out in Pharmaceutical Sales but realized shortly into that career that I needed to do something where I felt more passion. While going through an online Master’s program, I had to read a book called “Stopping Cancer At The Source,” , by Dr. M. Sara Rosenthal, and there was a whole chapter on yoga. I went on to become a certified yoga teacher and while taking part in the training I developed a new outlook on life. I decided I didn’t want to wear business suits any more, I wanted to move forward with my new passion in natural health and yoga. I had trouble becoming pregnant with my twins, and I truly believe that if I didn’t have natural health and yoga in my life I might not have them now. After completing the yoga teacher training, I started writing a business plan for a yoga center. Centerville Yoga & Wellness Center opened in May 2007 and I’m proud to say it was the first yoga center on Cape Cod! After selling, I still wanted to stay in the yoga world, but wasn’t sure exactly how to do that. I then realized that I wanted to bring a yoga festival to Cape Cod and started building Love Yoga Fest shortly after. These days I focus my efforts toward events, retreats, and classes that help people live their most authentic life. I will be offering future workshops. Find out more here and on Facebook.


Curious about embracing anxiety and reaching for your dreams in life and/or business?

Learn more about working with Shayna here.

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