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Stop letting fear hold you back in 2018.

When we arrive in a new year, we automatically think about the way(s) we want to change. The habits we want to shift. The goals we want to achieve.

But then we sometimes get caught up in the fear of change and don't always allow ourselves to get where we want to be. We are afraid of not fitting in. We are afraid of too much attention. We are afraid of not being loved.

We come to a crossroads many times in life where we have to make a choice. Often times this choice is HARD and we end up taking the "easier" route. Why? Because our "critter brain" takes over and tells us that it's going to be too scary or difficult...

It's human nature to stay in our comfort zone. But it's our purpose to do what brings us joy.

I have studied habit-change work, mindset and self-sabotage, and let me tell you, that shit is powerful. Way too many people let the negative thoughts and other peoples' opinions hold them back from living the life they truly desire.

I could give you a ton of examples, especially about my own health and starting businesses. It wasn't easy and I've had to make some tough decisions, but I let my dreams pull me forward so my fear couldn't hold me back.

What is fear anyway?





I love this acronym because the fears we usually create in our mind, don't typically happen. We let them hold us back rather than trying anyway and seeing what happens for ourselves.

So, if you REALLY want to make some awesome changes in your health, business, life, relationships, etc. in 2018, you gotta let that fear go...

How, you ask? Let's do this.

1. Face your fears

Journaling can be a powerful release. Take pen to paper and write down all the fears about making changes in your life. What you are afraid will happen if you make these changes in your life? Then rip it up, burn it-whatever you can to release it.

2. Find a photo

Think about your goal/dream/resolution and what image comes to mind? Now find a photo of that and print it out or save it to your phone. Look at it at daily, especially in the morning before you have your whole day ahead of you with lots of decisions.

3. Create boundaries

Do you have family or friends who often make negative comments about your path? It may be time to create some boundaries with them. You can straight up tell them that you need some space or just spend less time with them. It's going to be way harder to reach your goals if your friend is telling you they're stupid or you'll never achieve them.

4. Own it

If you can, stand up right now. Put your shoulders back and down. Take a couple deep breaths. Feel into your future self who has already made the leap and living the life she imagines. What does it feel like? What is she doing? What is she wearing? Where is she living? Where is she working? Who is she with? Fully embrace that. Maybe write it all down.

5. Get accountability

I'm going to tell you right now, you are way more likely to reach your goals with someone who gets it and can give you amazing accountability and support. Whether it's a personal trainer, health coach, business coach, friend, etc. DO IT. Even if it costs money, because the more you invest with your time, energy and money, the more committed you are to your dream and not wanting to go backwards. You will be telling the Universe that it's time and you really do want this rather than being one foot in and one foot out. I honestly would not even be posting here if it wasn't for the amazing mentors I have had the past 10 years.

So are you ready to let the fear go and reach your dreams in 2018?

If so, it's time to check out my brand-new coaching program to go from Fearful to Hopeful

Head over to the link below to read all about it and how it will give you the opportunity to finally take the leap toward your dreams in 2018:

I'd love to hear from you! What are you working toward in 2018? What fears are you facing? Comment below!

I wish you luck with your dreams!



There are only 2 spots available for my Fearful to Hopeful coaching program. You can apply at

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