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Happy Women's Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

I am truly grateful for all of the amazing women I have met, connected to and learned from over the past 31 years.

(This collage is just a brief overview. There are many more women who have made an impact in my life someway, somehow. You know who you are if I didn't have your photo!)

My mom, sister, grandmothers, aunts, soul-sisters, friends, teachers, coaches, clients, employees, colleagues...

It’s not always easy to stay in touch, but it’s important for me to have time with empowering women every.single.week.

Whether it’s chatting on the phone (or Voxer), sending a Snapchat of our pets and kids, mailing thoughtful gifts, getting our dogs together, going to yoga, or grabbing tea- it means so much to me.

The past few months have been hard because I miss my both my grandmothers’ laughter and presence.

I crave time with my sister and best friend who are now both in CA.

Winter is hibernation time.

But I’ve gotten creative and open-minded.

I started a small business women’s group called UPLIFT, had a sleepover with a friend in RI, did a girls' beach weekend, attended a yoga sleepover, traveled to San Diego, hired female employees, and connected to new holistic like-minded women in my local community and around the country.

The past few years have not been easy personally, but I put myself out there and have surrounded myself with more positive women.

It's made such a difference for my mood and energy. It's also special to have things to look forward to with other women.

Remember, when you uplift others, you naturally rise.

Keep on taking care of yourself and supporting other women. It is sure to make a positive difference in the world.

This has been proven during my 5-Day Winter Blues Detox this week! Our Facebook group is FILLED with encouraging words, positivity and motivation. It's awesome to witness. It makes me smile to hear from the women who say the support has made such a difference for them.

Also, this week 3 years ago I was in Costa Rica with a spectacular group of women. We saw one another fully and deeply. I love seeing the photos of us zip-lining through the jungle, horse-back riding, working in circle, doing yoga and more. I love that I still keep in touch with a few of them when possible.

I fully believe in the idea of SOUL-SISTERS. I am lucky to have my sister who is one of my best friends and other soul-sisters all around the country. I know they see me for who I am and support my mission.

My purpose is giving women hope to embrace their anxiety/fears and find peace and power within.

  • I want to see more women believing in themselves.

  • Having kind thoughts.

  • Cheering on one another.

  • Living their purpose.

  • Smiling.

  • Dreaming.

  • Shattering glass ceilings.

  • Standing up for themselves and others.

  • Knowing their worth and value.

  • Expressing themselves.

There is already a shift occurring and I'm grateful to witness it.

Celebrate yourself and other women today. Comment below with your celebrations for women!

And remember, I am here for you.



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