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Choosing Faith in a World of Worry

My husband is a volunteer firefighter, which isn't really the best career when you have an anxious wife.

Recently I was sitting with him when a call came through announcing a house fire and he kissed me and ran out the door...

All I could do was head to bed and try not to worry. But then I woke up at 2 AM and he still wasn't home. I had no messages from him.

In the past I would have started to get all worked up and feel anxiety pumping through my entire body. I may have cried or had a panic attack if I couldn't get in touch with him.

Instead, I put my hand on my heart and took a couple deep breaths. I prayed that everyone involved was okay. I looked up the news and saw that it was a pretty big fire but no one was hurt. In that moment I had a choice: I could worry or have faith.

*Then the next day my article was published on this exact topic!

Interesting, right? I guess we just gotta have faith!

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