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How to feel peaceful right now...

I get it...

This time of year can feel super stressful, emotional and exhausting.

You may still have errands to run, presents to wrap and recipes to make.

Here are a few simple tips to find peace right now instead of having to wait until January 2nd, 2018 to chill out.

1. 5-5-7

This is one of my favorite breath techniques I teach my private clients and at workshops. It's been perfect for my college clients during finals, my business lady clients who are always on the go and also stressed mommas. It's easy-peasy. You don't need to be any meditation guru to do this for two-minutes. It literally calms down your nervous system:

Inhale for the count of 5.

Hold for the count of 5.

Exhale for the count of 7.

2. Go within

Close your eyes and put your palms over your eyelids. Imagine blackness. Do this until at least the count of 10. It gives your eyes a break from all of the stimulation with the sights and sounds and technology and to-do lists.

3. Sip tea

You know I love my tea! Sipping hot herbal tea gives you a chance to slow down. I don't mean a $7 Starbucks latte loaded with caffeine and sugar! I mean a caffeine-free herbal tea such as peppermint or citrus. Sip it slowly and inhale the aroma.

4. Gratitude

For every second you spend being grateful, you release feel-good hormones in your body. Spend a moment right now naming 2 things you are grateful for. Why are you grateful for these people/things/experiences? What do you appreciate about them? If you have an extra few minutes, write it all down.

5. Make it special

Sometimes we do the same old things. We make the same recipes. Go to the same stores. Hangout with the same people. Why don't you do things a little differently? Maybe make some new traditions. Try new experiences. Take the scenic route. Do what brings you joy and see how your energy shifts. See what you can try even today.

Ready for even more tips to release anxiety naturally and find peace whenever possible?

Grab my FREE guidebook!

Sending you lots of hope and peace this holiday season,



Don't forget to download my *free + printable* guide to help you feel less anxious through the holidays and into 2018:

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