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Is it Anxiety or Intuition? (Part II)

The other day I gave you some insight into recent and personal anxiety scenarios I have been experiencing here.

I began paying attention so I could learn how to tell the difference between anxiety/worry for nothing OR actual intuition trying to tell me something.

Hopefully you have read Part I by now and came here to read the tips that have been helping me to distinguish the two. I know a few of you have been eagerly waiting, so here you go!

1. Always go back to the breath

Whenever we have those anxious thoughts, whether real or not, we need to breathe. Getting ourselves all worked up isn’t going to help anyone. In the cases I shared, I did practice breath-work. It’s easier said than done and takes practice, but it’s important to breathe as fully and deeply as possible. This may help you to notice the difference between it just being another anxious thought or something more going on. (Download my 5-minute meditation below to help take this further)

2. Have faith

I always tell my clients that I think being anxious is the opposite of having faith. We have to trust that everything is okay because worrying about the worst is no way to live. I had to have faith that even in those situations, everything would be fine. Saying a prayer or having a faith practice will allow you to have less anxious feelings so you can tell the difference between what’s real and what is just fear (False Expectations Appearing Real)

3. Let go of control

I am a recovering control-freak. I have always liked things my way and to plan as much as possible. But I have realized that I do not have control over much in my life. In those experiences, I had to LET GO of some control. There was not much I could do. Once you realize this, you can tap more into your intuition and lessen your anxiety.

4. Ask for a sign

I am a big believer in signs. Whether it’s numbers, birds, butterflies, songs, etc. they help me to feel reassured where I am. When my anxiety creeps in, I ask for a clear sign. They help me to do all of the above: breathe, have faith and let go of control. It also helps me to feel less alone with my thoughts. Being able to ask and receive signs will heighten your intuition. (Before I wrote this, my dad gave me a book called Box of Butterflies and a detox client sent me a thank-you card with butterflies on it! Butterflies are a clear sign for me)

So if you’ve been struggling with feeling anxious and not sure if it’s real or not, try these tips.

Just like any habit-breaking, it takes practice and experimenting. See what works for you to release anxiety and begin to trust your intuition more fully. You will then notice a rise in your positive experiences vs the negative ones.




As always, I'd love to hear from you. Comment below to let me know how you know it's just anxiety or actually your intuition...Or click here to schedule a call to discuss this further.

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