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Elsie's Arrow Daycare: A Client Story

Almost two years ago I was introduced to a special young woman named Amanda. She came to me to help with her anxiety, which was holding her back from the living the life she desired. From the first e-mail and call we had, we totally clicked!

When I asked her about her dreams, she shared that one day she would love to open her own daycare since she had a passion for working with kids. I could hear her voice become excited as she talked about her dreams someday in the future… I could relate because I love the innocence and kindness children exude so I wanted to help her realize this big dream. I also knew firsthand how anxiety can hold us back from our dreams, especially owning a business, if we let it.

When Amanda first became my client, we focused on simple things to reduce her anxiety naturally, such as nourishing food, breathwork, journaling and spending time in nature.

She has taken my recommendations and realized she could fully live her life rather than her anxiety keeping her from truly living.

Amanda has gone out of her comfort zone in a variety of areas in her life! She has participated in both of my Hope & Peace Retreats, attended networking events, adopted another dog, traveled by herself, got engaged to a kind man and so much more...

Fast-forward and here Amanda is fully living her dream of owning a daycare. I reached out to her since she lives local and asked if I could come see her dream that is now a reality.

The smile on her face walking me through her daycare is indescribable. The positive energy and excitement that was beaming from her entire body was truly amazing. I couldn’t help but smile and be excited over every little detail along with her!

I am so proud of Amanda and what she has accomplished once she decided how she wanted her life to be. She is a remarkable example of how anxiety can go from an “excuse” to a motivator.

I know firsthand that opening a business is not an easy endeavor but through the challenges, she never gave up and now her daycare is beautiful, bright, loving and ready for amazing little children to create memories and adventures.

Here is a description and photos of her daycare, a dream come true:

“Why the name ‘Elsie's Arrow’, you ask? Well, it stems from a name very close to my heart. Elizabeth Paul, born Elsie Regalbuti, was my Grandmother, my hero, and my soul. She passed away nearly 3 years ago, leaving behind her strength, resilience, and passion that has been passed along to my heart. She always lead me in the right direction in life, even if it was with a little Italian nudge to the butt!

Her and my Grandfather have made this daycare a reality in every sense for me. Looking back at pictures of her shaking hands with the Kennedys, Regan, and sitting tall at a table of fellow GE managers being the only female there, she has instilled courage, drive, and relentless love that I hope to continue to spread to others.

Her direction, or ‘arrow’ if you will, inspires me to lead young children with open minds, hearts, and creativity as they begin their journeys.

I look forward to sharing my direction with you and your family, and creating more positivity around a sometimes clouded world.”

I know what it’s like to have a strong and amazing grandmother as a role-model and to also lose her. Instead of dwelling on the sadness, we can continue to share their legacy to empower ourselves every day.

Amanda, I am so grateful to be on this journey with you and excited for the positive impact you are going to make on these children’s lives. Thank you for allowing me into your home, heart, mind and big ideas. It’s been a gift to watch it all unfold for you.

Elsie’s Arrow Daycare: Facebook


XOXO Shayna


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