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The Labyrinth of Life {Poem}

You enter the gate See where you want to go You follow the path Step by quiet step Slowly Breathing deeply Excitement and curiosity You imagine how it will be Reaching the end Will it change everything? Will it make you happy? Will others admire your courage?

It seems as it's more out of reach the closer you get You get weary You begin to wonder Is this worth it? Will it be everything you imagined? Should you turn back? It's getting dark Will you ever get there? Doubt Fear Guilt But the sun comes out shining with hope You smile at others along the way Acknowledging the journey Without words And you arrive Blessed Sharing an experience with others who stood here before you You made it Life does feel different Because you didn't give up You trusted the path and continued on Even when it felt lonely and hard

Here you are A new appreciation For a different path The one less taken And you journey home with an outlook less understood Knowing you're not the only one


Shayna Mahoney

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