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Grief and Vulnerability {Poem}

This photo was taken yesterday among exhaustion and sadness.

A lot happened over the weekend, which just goes to show that we never really know what life will bring. We have no control, even if we think we do. My uncle suddenly passed away as well as some other sad news around my family and friends and the terror attacks in London. As a highly sensitive person, it feels even heavier because I am sensing everyone else's emotions. Because of this, I had to make the tough decision to post-pone my Hope & Peace Retreat 2017 this coming weekend. I knew I couldn't miss my uncle's services, nor could I lead from an energized and peaceful place during all of this life stuff. I am so grateful the ladies who are coming to the retreat are compassionate and understand how important it is to put myself and my family first at this time. If I don't get some rest and make sure I'm eating, I know my body and mind would chance going into anxious and depressed-mode as it has in the past. I also know I won't be helping anyone else if I don't take care of my emotional health too. What kind of example would I set to my clients if I don't take care of myself? So yesterday I pushed myself to take my dog for a walk and play with my nephew outside. I've had to let go of an intense work-load and schedule and just do the best I can to be there for others. Thank you to my amazing family, friends, employees, mentors and clients for checking in on us and being there to help however possible. I have some truly amazing people in my life and this sadness is showing how much love truly surrounds us. 💗 **And I want to show that life isn't always pretty. Mental health awareness is essential for a better world. It can feel lonely and sad if we don't have others to turn to at tough times. Please help to stop the silence. Talk things out and be there for others. You never know the difference you could make.** A poem for the grief around the world~

Where are you now As life goes by Minutes quickly passing Time feeling slow Life is different for everyone At any given moment Sadness Hope Thunder Sunshine Rainbows above A sign of the moments between You laugh til your cheeks hurt You cry til your eyes burn Life's ups and downs Your heart beats While others' may not You keep going Because that's what you do Life will never be the same So you love more deeply You hug more fully You don't let it harden you You open your heart You open your mind You live Why? Because they want you to

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