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How Finding Your Purpose Reduces Anxiety

“To give life a meaning, one must have a purpose larger than self” - Will Durant

We all know someone who is affected by daily anxiety. People seem to be more overwhelmed, stressed-out and exhausted than ever before. Often times, anxiety stems from working too much and not having enough time to focus on our passions, hobbies and talents. For example, many of us have been taught to get a college-degree, find a good paying job and work hard. This seems like a good plan, but sometimes it leaves us feeling drained and not having enough time to focus on things that bring us purpose and joy.

Patrick Hill, an assistant professor of psychology at Carleton University, decided to look at data in the U.S. to study if purpose has an effect on aging. There was a 15 percent lower risk of death when people felt they had a sense of purpose. For them a purpose could be making sure their families are happy, being creative, contributing to social change, or doing well in their career. Hill felt that it was possible that having purpose reduced stress, therefore contributing to a lower risk of death.

This is why it appears that people with purpose tend to have less anxiety, because they feel less stressed. Here are a few ways to find purpose in your life so you can feel less anxious.

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