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Feel good in your body to reduce stress

In 2017 I left one corporate job (I hated) for another (much better) corporate job (that I also hated), and then was laid off 5 weeks in. That’s stressful, right? No paycheck, no insurance, and no prospects. I had 2 options; Freak out and panic until I found a new job that I didn’t actually want or take a moment to stop, consider my time and options, and enjoy this new-found freedom that I’ve secretly been dying for. I decided on the latter.

I decided this year I was going to take care of myself, if even in the smallest of ways. I was going to enjoy this time and use it to build my personal styling business. While I’m not going into a corporate job every morning anymore, I’m still waking up early, taking a shower, and getting dressed head-to-toe, because that’s what makes the difference to me. So many of my clients are working moms, single moms, or just insanely busy women! They come to me and say “I work from home and am in yoga pants all day” or they’ll say “I’m always running after the kids, sweats are what’s easy but I don’t feel happy getting dressed” and ultimately, isn’t FEELING your best what it’s all about?

When we FEEL our best, we ARE our best, that’s the bottom line. Taking the time for ourselves to get ready every day (even if it’s a quick 15 minutes) makes all the difference in the world. When we stop focusing on what parts of our bodies we’re trying to hide in our clothes, and we start finding what we love about our bodies to HIGHLIGHT instead, what a difference a pair of jeans will make!

It’s not about being a certain size, or wearing a certain label. It’s about seeing yourself in a different light. Taking yourself just as you are, finding something you love about yourself, and highlighting it and expressing yourself to the world through your clothes. Clothes are not just how you cover your body; your style is about how you present yourself to the world and how you want the world to see you. If you stop and consider that, is “comfort” and “easy” the first message you want to send with your style?

Now, I completely understand that we don’t all have (or even want) hours of get-ready time every day, but I want us to think of getting dressed as a VERY intentional thing that we do to help us feel and be our absolute best, as opposed to something we do because we can’t walk around naked all day. Consider that pair of shoes that you LOVE, that lipstick that is your perfect shade, or that dress that hugs you in all the right places, and think about how you feel in them…think of how ready you are to face the world (or even just the day) when you’re at your most confident. You can feel that way every single day with the right pieces and just a little bit of time and planning, and I guarantee it’ll be worth it! Here’s to us!

Candace Hanna

"Born and raised in Los Angeles, Candace Hanna was always about fashion. Growing up an athlete, she was often in a soccer jersey and cleats, but whenever she had the chance, she'd put together fabulous off-field outfits. After pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Business, she knew fashion was where she wanted to be, and she began straight away in the corporate fashion world. She spent 3 years in New York City working for boutique brands like Club Monaco, and even for her dream fashion house, Chanel.

Now back in LA (after 15 years of corporate fashion), she's created a career that combines her business savvy with creativity. She likes to make her clients laugh and is passionate about turning a daunting process like wardrobe reinvention into something enjoyable - fun, even! She understands how difficult it can be to look at a giant (or empty) closet and think; "Where do I start???" and that's exactly what she's here to help you figure out. For Candace, personal styling is not only about putting together great outfits, but helping people feel their very best at all times. "

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