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Why I Attended a March

I honestly do not feel I have to give an explanation for participating in a Women's March this weekend. I followed my heart and that's where it led me along with millions of others. The majority of my social media did march so I guess in a way I am preaching to the choir.

However, I did want to share a little about my WHY. Growing up a shy and anxious introvert, it was extremely difficult for me to speak up. I had opinions but was afraid of being judged or criticized. I have also always hated conflict.

But I look back at my school years and wish I had the nerve to speak up for the disabled and minority kids who were being picked on.

I wish I stuck up for myself and other girls who would get their asses slapped in the hallways.

I wish I took action when girls were calling other girls sluts and boys were being called fags.

I wish I raised my hand in class when I had something to share.

I wish I believed in myself more.

You see, I am fortunate. I never questioned that. In many ways I am extremely privileged. My parents taught my sister and I to be compassionate and help others. They taught us to work hard and reach for our dreams, even as girls.

Our Nana who passed away in September used to protest. She would load her pile of kids into her station wagon and bring her signs out in Boston to stand up for what she believed in and the future she wanted for her kids and grandkids. In a way, I feel I am continuing her legacy. I know I get much of my passion from her and I will no longer continue to hold myself back and not share my beliefs when I feel it's necessary.

So, I wish I was able to set my ego and fear aside back then to help others. But I realize it's never too late. That is part of why I attended a march with my sister and friends. The energy was amazing. It was one of the most attended and peaceful protests on record and it happened ALL over the world.

I am so proud to know amazing men, women and children who stood up for others who may not be able to stand up for themselves. It is a day that I will remember and share with my future kids someday.

I am committed to kindness and feel this is one of the biggest takeaways from this weekend. You can't go wrong with being kind. I am going to try to speak up and spread kindness wherever possible, even if I'm an introvert and my voice shakes.


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