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Client Interview with Christie Lee

What attracted you to Shayna’s HOPE journey?

I first heard about Shayna from a dear family friend leaving me eager to get in touch with her. I was nervous at first because I’ve never been to a therapist and I’ve heard many different things about them. One of the things that I love about Shayna is that she defines herself as a life coach because she doesn’t just help you with certain areas, she changes your life. She focuses on all aspects of life like health, fitness, and most importantly the love you should always have for yourself. I knew by the end of our first meet-up that Shayna not only was the perfect fit, but the HOPE journey was too. Just by hearing her love and passion about her journey made me eager to start because of its uniqueness.

How did the HOPE journey give you hope in your life?

The HOPE journey gave me hope in my life by slowly going through each letter. I signed up for the 6 months with Shayna and I didn’t regret it one bit. With H(eal) O(pen) P(eace) and E(xpress), Shayna brought my once dark world to light. She not only healed my wounds but taught me how to prevent myself from bringing them back to tear me down. With her journey she gave me a place where I could be 100% honest and not hold anything back, I could trust her. The HOPE journey taught me how to be truthful and open with myself, to bring peace to my past, present, and future obstacles. She helped me shut out the negativity and as I was healing I was learning about myself and how to really deal with myself the right way. Expressing myself was a huge step for me and Shayna helped me conquer so many obstacles. She helped me find my confidence that I had once buried and I soon found myself singing in front of my whole school for the talent show, something I never thought I would have the courage and strength to do. Shayna’s journey changed my life forever and I finally am the person I always wanted to be, I am a new me. I know I will hit bumps in the road and it won’t always be easy, but I also know that when that happens I will always have the right “tools” from the HOPE journey to keep me going.

What did you most enjoy about the process of working with a coach?

I enjoyed the bond that was created while working with Shayna. She isn’t just your life coach, she becomes your friend. No matter who you are Shayna always has the answers for you and knows exactly what to do. She just understands you from the start and I know that she could help anyone. Sadly my sessions with Shayna ended a couple weeks ago, but really they didn’t. Just because our sessions ended, doesn’t mean our friendship and her support did. Shayna told me that she will always be there for me and I love that. She doesn’t just drop you, she stays with you. The fact that I will always know Shayna will be there to help me in the future if needed, or just to text or call with exciting news is beyond amazing and very special.

How was Shayna’s HOPE journey different from other programs that you have tried?

Though this was the first program I have ever tried I know that it is unique and different. I do not think any other program could have helped me or changed my life the way Shayna’s HOPE Journey did.

What positive changes have you noticed in your life since working with Shayna?

Since working with Shayna I find that I have more energy, I am happier and healthier! She encouraged me to get back on track with eating healthy and got myself the energy and determination to workout again outside of sports. She gave me tips, recipes and most importantly as stated before the determination and strength that has led me to lose 8 pounds already! Shayna changed my life forever and filled me with tools, advice, and support to tackle any challenges coming my way. I feel energized, happy, confident, peaceful, and ready for whatever my future holds, but most importantly with Shayna’s help I have learned to love myself again for who I am and that itself has been a huge success for my life. I have no doubt that going into the future will be scary in an exciting way because I have found a new version of myself, one that I know will stay forever. Thank you for all that you have done Shayna.

How has making this investment with your time, energy, and finances impacted your life and future?

Working with Shayna has impacted my life and future with nothing but positivity. Six months is a very long time, but Shayna always made it exciting and something to look for. I worked with Shayna basically through my entire junior year, and as you know, junior year is filled with stress and basically leaves you with no time. It was such a relief on those nights where I would come home from 2 hours of sports practice which was five days a week, then a lot of homework to tackle knowing that I could take an hour break to talk to Shayna to relieve me of my stress and just take me into a world of serenity. This investment did not drain my energy, it gave me the energy I lacked.

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