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Client Interview: Amanda

What attracted you to Shayna’s HOPE Method?

When I first found Shayna and her website and began reading through her personal struggles and where she has come from that, I instantly was excited. Unlike therapists I have been to, Shayna has BEEN there. She understands exactly what I have/am going through, and that to me was really important.

How did the HOPE Method give you hope in your life?

The HOPE Method has really made me begin to realize that all along, the power was inside ME. Shayna has this power to bring that out in me, and push me through some of those uncomfortable thoughts, situations, or relationships.

What did you most enjoy about the process of working with a coach?

I really enjoy the accountability of the weekly “goals” she has given me over the months. It helps me show up to ME. However, if I don’t have the strength to complete one, she helps me understand how I might do better the next time!

How was Shayna’s HOPE Method different from other programs that you have tried?

As I mentioned, Shayna is much different than working with a therapist or medicine for me. She grew up with similar challenges with anxiety and depression, so she already knows what I may be thinking or feel closed in by.

What positive changes have you noticed in your life since working with Shayna?

So, so many! My energy levels are way up, I am much more in tune with what I am putting in my body, how my emotions and thoughts are affected by what I eat and mentally digest, and the compliments from others noticing the change in me doesn’t hurt either!

How has making this investment with your time, energy, and finances impacted your life and future?

Every drop of time, money, and energy I have put into this, has given me 200% back. I truly believe it was a gift from God that Shayna entered my life. Sometimes we try to think of every possible excuse why we shouldn’t invest in ourselves and think of it is selfish, but when it comes to healing yourself, I have learned being selfish is needed in order to be there for others.

Click here to learn more about the HOPE method or to schedule a free Heartache to Hope breakthrough session.

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