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Dealing with Winter Blues

Here we are in February. The shortest month, yet it feels like the longest, especially here in the Northeast.

After the holiday chaos and New Year goal-setting, you may be feeling a bit depleted and unmotivated.

You're craving more sugar. You're feeling like sleeping in. You're irritable and cranky. You're feeling sad or isolated.

This is all pretty normal, yet it shouldn't be making you feel too down. Although it's important to hibernate and eat more in the winter-time, it doesn't mean you have to feel awful.

Now is the perfect time to implement some simple tips so you can head into the Spring feeling lighter, energized and calm.

Here are 3 of my FAVORITE tips to beat the winter blues:

1. Try this simple breath technique

When we are stressed and tired, we forget to take deep breaths. This simple alternate breathing technique improves brain function and sleep because it merges the left and right sides of the brain.

Use your right thumb to close off your right nostril. Inhale slowly through your left nostril. Pause. Close your left nostril with your ring finger and release your thumb off your right nostril. Exhale slowly through your right nostril. Inhale through your right nostril. Use your thumb to now close the right nostril. Exhale through your left nostril. Do this for a minute or two and notice your mood shifting and your body relaxing.

2. Socialize

As an introvert, it's easy for me to stay in my yoga pants and not see anyone all weekend if I don't feel like it. But then I start to feel a little stir-crazy and want to be around other humans. I have to push myself to get out of the house and make plans to increase my energy. I always feel better after I do. We naturally crave interaction with others and when we don't, we can feel sad and lonely. Make plans with family or friends for a movie/game night, book club, ski trip, sauna/spa day, etc. Get creative and keep it fun and simple!

3. Warm Food & Spices

During these colder months, we are actually supposed to be eating warm, comfort food with spices rather than cooling smoothies and salads. Incorporating more vegetable soup, turkey chili, oatmeal and roasted sweet potatoes and chicken will help you to feel grounded and satisfied. Add in spices for more health benefits such as cinnamon to reduce sugar cravings, nutmeg for relieving anxiety and depression and turmeric to improve digestion and reduce inflammation. Focus less on weight loss and more on good energy.

If you are in a little bit of a winter funk, I totally get it. Try a few of these tips this week and see how your energy and mood improves.

If you're looking for more support and to expand on these ideas, I'd LOVE to have you join my Winter Blues Detox this March. We will focus on all of the above and so much more. {Head on over now to register to save $20 and receive your very own HOPE tea in the mail!}

5-Day Winter Blues Detox:

I'd love to hear from you! Comment below on what helps you beat the winter blues and/or what you're excited to try.




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