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Getting Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Apparently I am all about nature this fall season. This isn't surprising since I am so incredibly fascinated by the changing colors and fresh crisp air. I feel it's such a naturally cleansing and grounding time of year before we head into the hectic holiday season (sorry, it had to be said!)

I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes. If you know me, you know I am all about people going out of their comfort zone, even when it's scary or they are afraid they won't fit in anymore.

We all have a purpose here and some of us really desire to be the best versions of ourselves. We go through the journey of personal growth, where there are many emotional ups and downs.

I'll be honest, the personal growth journey isn't always easy. It's a place of having to lead with an open heart and expand our mindset. It's a place where you have to let go of judgements about yourself and others. It's a place where you can't keep looking back if you want to move forward. This isn't to deter you away from wanting to grow and live your true life purpose. If you continue living a life that you're not meant for, you are most likely going to struggle with inner conflict and emotions such as anxiety, frustration and resentment. Also, if you hold in your feelings, you are likely to have physical symptoms such as headaches, digestive issues, hormonal issues, etc.

And just as this famous quote says, it will be even more difficult to remain stuck and held back rather than growing and blossoming into the person you are meant to be.

What can you do today that is a little out of your comfort zone? Maybe set time aside to journal about what it would mean to blossom more fully in your life.



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