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I Can't Believe it's Been 5 Years!

Can I get a high-five?!

I started my coaching practice 5 years ago!

This is a true celebration not only in my business, but in my personal life as well. You see, being a coach really is a way of life. I don’t just work 9-5 and then go on with my life. My beliefs as a coach are with me throughout my day, even when I’m not working. I feel that everything I learn in my personal experiences, makes me a more valuable coach to my clients.

5 years ago, I honestly had know idea where the hell it would all lead to.

I began as a health coach, working with anyone who wanted to become healthier. I focused on meal plans, healthy snack options, exercise ideas, weight loss, etc. As much as I loved health coaching, I felt like something was missing. As you may know, I have personally struggled with anxiety and depression all my life and have done a lot of research and experiments on myself. I have always been intrigued by the mind and psychology so when I decided to study Transformational Coaching/

Neuro-linguistic Programming, I felt I found what I was searching for.

This work was created back in the 1970’s and claims that our thoughts, language and behavioral patterns learned through our lives can actually be changed to achieve certain goals.

Simply said, we can literally change the way we think, act and feel using very specific techniques.

This work is truly powerful, especially when working with anxiety and depression.

I began to share my story and advice and soon realized this deeper work was needed in the world. Soon after, I noticed women of all ages started coming to me searching for HOPE.

After 5 years, thousands and thousands of dollars on education and coaches, and working with many clients to understand that it’s so much deeper than what we are taught to focus on,

the HOPE Method was born.

As Dr. Brene Brown says, “We are the most in-debt, obese, addicted and medicated adult cohort in U.S. history.”

This makes me sad. We are taught to numb our feelings with food, alcohol, drugs and shopping. We tend to avoid the deeper work because it can be scary and make us feel vulnerable and shameful. (Speaking of scary and vulnerable, just wait until my next e-mail where I’ll be sharing all about my interesting May. Just think: modeling a bathing suit, singing, and speaking events all in front of large groups.)

With all of that being said and as a 5 year coaching celebration, I have decided to start featuring amazing women on my blog who have found hope in their lives, which I hopegives you some inspiration.

The first interview is with my incredible assistant Libby, who was actually a private client before I hired her to help me with my mission in the world! Read her story and stay tuned for more:

“A little over a year ago I was working in a miserable job that I hated going to everyday. I thought that by working harder I would feel more accomplished and happier. But I quickly learned that what I needed was to slow down my life and focus on healing myself before I can give myself to others fully. I am now taking time off from working full time and exploring areas of work that I am truly passionate in. I am less afraid to be different and try new things. Through working with Shayna, I have learned that all things are possible.”

XOXO Shayna

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