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Client Interview with Stephanie

What attracted you to Shayna's HOPE Method?

I really liked the conversations I had with Shayna and had a connection with her, so the trust in her and the attraction to her HOPE method went hand in hand. Before doing the 6 month program I had done a weekend retreat, which was the first place I experienced the HOPE method, and I really liked it, so I knew I could only stand to benefit from a longer program.

How did the HOPE Journey give you hope in your life?

I was like a boat lost in a storm, and Shayna was like a lighthouse showing me the right path. I had to put in the work to get to shore, but it was Shayna's light that guided me in that direction.

What did you most enjoy about the process of working with a coach?

The support and the accountability. Some days my motivation to do the right thing and show up for myself was simply "what would Shayna say about this?"

How was Shayna's HOPE Method different from other programs that you have tried?

This was the first program I've tried with a coach, but the difference between coaching and doing this stuff on my own is definitely significant. Shayna's insight and her way of connecting events, emotions, and even physical stuff, is just something I can't do/see on my own.

How has making this investment with your time, energy, and finances impacted your life and future?

I'm in a completely different place in my life than I was when I began. I feel more confident in chasing my dreams, and I'm better able to deal with the challenges that come up in life thanks to the methods Shayna has introduced to me.

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"The heartache to hope call was extremely powerful for me. It left me feeling really grounded, empowered and light, like a weight was lifted off of my chest. Shayna is such a caring and genuine person, making it so much easier to talk about things and open up on a deeper level, which is where the true changes can be made. I am just so grateful for Shayna and all of her work!"

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