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Sometimes You Smile {Poem}

Sometimes you smile when it's the last thing you feel like doing. Sometimes you smile because someone else needs it. Sometimes you smile because you want to feel what it's like to be happy for a moment. Sometimes you smile because you are happy. Because of the memories. Because of the future. Sometimes you smile when you have no idea why. Or nothing else to do. It just feels right. Or wrong. Your heart aches but your lips smile anyway. You know the depth of pain. You know the truth of joy. Because that's what life is. It isn't one or the other. It's the in between and the ups and downs. It's the space and the loneliness. It's the crowds and the sound. It's the here and now. Nothing else matters because we don't know what's next. It's about the unknown and surrendering. It's feeling fully even when there's nothing left to give. It's trusting through the darkness. Sometimes you smile because what is life without your smile? When I was younger, I always had a hard time expressing myself because of my social anxiety and depression. I found it difficult to explain my emotions to others. I started writing poems and songs to help express how I was feeling or how I thought others were feeling. Back then I realized how important words and writing are to me. As I got older and entered college, I was overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted. I forgot about my writing and struggled with my emotions and creativity.But the past few years I have found it again. I write articles for other websites and blog posts for my own website. It's been a helpful way to share my experiences and to help others. I also journal regularly after my morning meditation. Recently I realized I felt the urge to write poems again. I have been going through some personal things and found words flowing out of me onto the page. I read this poem to my husband and he looked at me and said it's really good and I should share it. "Really?" He said yes. It was pretty personal yet I felt others needed to know they weren't alone. Even if one person feels understood and appreciates the words, it will be important for me to share. Finding time to express your emotions in your unique way is extremely important, especially through the ups and downs in life. Whether it's writing, singing, drawing, dancing, painting, scrapbooking, photography, etc., find time to do what helps you release your feelings and embrace the present moment.

Do what you loved as a kid.

What brought you joy?



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