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Client Interview with Amanda

My clients continue to inspire me day after day. I am so grateful to work with such heart-centered and visionary women, local and afar! I am happy to share with you a recent client interview. Amanda is so passionate about the work she does in our community and is constantly making a difference. She is a bright light is so many lives.

What attracted you to Shayna's HOPE Journey?

One of the greatest parts of working with Shayna is the realization that I’m not alone in the things I struggle with. I loved being part of our group sessions, where I heard experiences similar to my own from other women in my age group. We could share our frustrations – and victories! – knowing that they wouldn’t be regarded as abnormal or strange. In both group and individual settings, Shayna is so easy to work with because it’s never about her telling you what to do: rather, she asks you questions to reflect on, helping you uncover what’s already within you.

How did the HOPE Journey give you hope in your life?

As a type A personality, I’ve always been a perfectionist – and when things didn’t go exactly according to plan, I wanted to find a solution immediately. However large or small the problem, I’d find myself imagining issues five or ten steps in the future, and getting really stressed out about them – even if it was completely impossible that I’d end up in one of those situations. Working with Shayna has helped me slow down and investigate where my stress is coming from, so I can focus on addressing the root of my anxiety before it sends me into a tailspin of groundless panic. My fear of the unknown, and a fear of not being good enough, were unnamed obstacles that kept me from trying out new ideas and taking risks. Now that I can see them for what they are, I can pause and approach the situation more realistically, so I’m not deterred from tackling the projects and risks I want to.

What did you most enjoy about the process of working with a coach?

In an age of Google and Wikipedia, information is everywhere! A million self-help and self-improvement ideas are just a click away – but most of it seemed superficial and lacked the insight I was after. I was excited to work with Shayna because we knew each other beforehand so she makes my sessions really specific to me. I also love that I always feel genuinely heard and understood when we talk. It is scary at first to open up, but Shayna and I are alike in a lot of ways – both young, building our own businesses, very sensitive and care so much about what we do and the people in our lives – so she’s really in a position to give me empathatic guidance.

How was Shayna's HOPE Journey different from other programs that you have tried?

I’m a local Realtor, and real estate coaching is a huge industry! The main themes tend to be how many houses you can sell or how much money you can make, or how hard you can “grind” or “hustle” in a day or week. And while I’ve seen people completely transform their businesses with those models, they did nothing for me. Sessions with Shayna helped me articulate that my motivation to be successful is about having a full and joyful life with the people I love – and guiding my clients through their process so they can achieve what’s important to them. That might be buying their first home or their dream vacation home, or selling their largest asset in order to make a major life change!

How has making this investment with your time, energy, and finances impacted your life and future?

Since I’ve been working with Shayna, I wake up feeling excited to see what the day will bring! It still takes effort, but I’ve learned to not let the things outside of my control impact me negatively. My business will always be very personal for me because I do get incredibly invested in my clients and helping them achieve their dreams, but I’ve learned to separate doing the best I can at the aspects of my job I can impact, and letting the rest be what it will be. I’ve noticed that I smile more and laugh more often, and I no longer feel guilty about spending time doing the things I love with the people who mean the most to me. I love what I do, and now I feel like I have the mindset and lifestyle to continue to be successful at it for many years to come. :)

~Want to connect with Amanda to buy or sell a home? - cell 860-997-1563 - 336 Route 28

Instagram: @yourcapecodrealtor


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