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I'm So Emotional

Hopefully by now you saw that next week my free Expressing Emotions Interviews will be sent out! But it’s only getting sent out to the people who add their name and e-mail at

So, the election is over. I know don't about you, but I am feeling some intense emotions such as sadness, fear and frustration. Now more than ever, we need to stand together and spread kindness however possible. Believe me, this isn't a political post, but just a place to say that I am with you if you are feeling emotional.

If you are a sensitive person, prone to anxiety (just like me!), this event and things in your life may have drained your energy and made you want to numb your emotions…

I know it’s so easy to get caught up in thoughts like this:

  • I feel sad, so let me eat a cookie.

  • I am angry, so let me yell at my husband.

  • I am anxious, so let me hide in my bedroom.

  • I am super stressed out, so I’m going to tell myself how much myself and other people suck.

You see, those aren’t actually healthy ways to express our emotions. Usually none of those things actually make you feel better, now do they?

I have needed to cry over the past few days and had to be okay with releasing these emotions. Seriously, if you need to cry, just do it.

Feeling sad? Grab a tissue and shed some tears.

Feeling angry? Write in your journal or punch a pillow.

Feeling anxious? Take 3 deep breaths. Yes, right now.

Feeling stressed out? Go for a walk outside.

At others times in my life I have known what it’s like to struggle with repressing feelings, health issues, being prescribed an antidepressant and thinking there was something wrong with me and my constant anxiety and fear...

I don't have any magic words to heal the pain from your life but I do feel I am here to give you hope into how it can be different. (Only if you want it to be, of course)

Head on over to to sign up for my *free* Expressing Emotions Interviews.

Honestly, these calls are deep, real, vulnerable and empowering. They will give you incredible and simple tools to feel better in your mind and body.

I feel we need them now, MORE THAN EVER.

These calls are meant to give you hope and inspiration in YOUR life. The election will not be discussed, I promise.

I am so grateful for these 3 ladies and what they will be sharing with you in these interviews.

Laura Thompson Brady, Spiritual Guide and Sound Healer:

  • How she has coped with emotions through the ups and downs in life

  • The concept of active mindfulness and how to calm your body and mind in 5 minutes

  • What happens in our bodies when we don’t express our emotions

  • Why it’s important to have a creative outlet

  • How to set boundaries so you can be the best version of yourself

Laura Jack, Grief Recovery Specialist:

  • Her path of self-discovery while expressing emotions through loss and change

  • What happens when we repress our emotions

  • The biggest myth about grief and healing

  • Simple tips for coping with grief and loss

Jamie Giannetti, Drug/Alcohol Rehab Nurse:

  • Her struggles with depression and frustration when becoming a young adult

  • Ways to keep going forward even when you want to give up

  • How repressing emotions can be linked to anxiety, depression, sugar and drug addiction, and alcoholism

  • Simple techniques to use when feeling anxious and stressed

  • How to find joy in the simple things

Each of these experts will share their unique definition of hope and how it has served them throughout the ups and downs in their own lives.

Oh and did you see these bonuses that are only available until Sunday?

Sign up by November 13th to receive these *special bonuses*:

  • 30 Minute Expressing Emotions Call with me, Shayna Mahoney

This one-to-one call will allow you to release some of your feelings and give you hope to move forward in your life.

  • $3 discount off your very own HOPE Journey™ Candle

This all natural soy candle has a grounding and calming scent. It can be kept or given as a gift!

Remember, it will all be okay. We are in this together and there is always hope,

XOXO Shayna

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