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Creating a Wellness Schedule

It’s a crisp autumn morning, one that demands staying in bed and sleeping the day away. But instead of giving in to old habits, you jump out of bed, do your morning routine that includes stretching and meditating, and then you brew your favorite herbal tea and enjoy it in the silence of the morning. Although you have a busy day ahead, you look at your schedule and find peace knowing that you will have an hour of release at yoga class tonight. Before leaving the house you make your bed and tidy your night stand, making sure that the book you are reading and your journal is in place for bed time tonight. You breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you are in charge of this day.

In a recent newsletter, I discussed the importance of slowing down and getting grounded this fall. This will mean something different to everyone, but no matter who you are it is essential that you re-evaluate your routines and schedules this fall and allow them to help create a better version of yourself. Keep reading to learn simple ways to create a wellness schedule this fall.

Tip for Creating a Wellness Schedule

1. Create a new morning routine– With school back in full swing and the lazy days of summer dwindling down, fall can be very demanding on us. Instead of dreading getting out of bed each morning, create a morning routine that you will look forward to. I love the concept behind Hal Elrod’s, The Miracle Morning, which incorporates 6 self improvement techniques done daily during the first hour of waking, a feat that sounds difficult but is broken down in to a simple process. However, if that sounds too daunting, even something as simple as taking 5 minutes to enjoy a warm beverage in silence will improve your mood throughout the day.

2. Create a new nighttime routine– How you end you day is so incredibly important to your health and wellbeing. What you do before bed every night can have a significant effect on your sleep schedule. I recently read a great article discussing the impact that checking you phone before bed can have on your brain. If you are someone who is guilty of this (and even I fall into the trap, you are not alone!) try and pick a time at night to turn your phone on do not disturb and charge it in a room that isn’t your bedroom. I recommend doing it at least an hour before your bedtime. The same goes for TV and computers, because they have a similar effect on the brain. Wondering how to fill that time instead? Pamper and take care of yourself, or indulge in relaxing activities.

3. Schedule your “Non-negotiables”– Non-negotiables are activities and events that you participate in that benefit your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Non-negotiables are something that every single person needs, but they are often forgotten or ignored. To prevent skipping your non-negotiables, I suggest putting them in your calendar or planner and scheduling other activities around your non-negotiables. Some examples or non-negotiables include: attending a yoga class, going for a walk, attending church, meditating, speaking with a therapist, working with a coach, and receiving acupuncture, a massage, or reiki. PS. Investing money in to your non-negotiables is a great way to make sure you fit them in to you schedule.

What new habit do you look forward to incorporating this fall?

This was a guest post by my assistant, Libby Dougherty. To learn more about Libby and her journey so far, read her client interview.

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