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Interview With Laura Jack

Last week I had the pleasure of being video-interviewed by my dear friend and colleague, Laura Jack.

Laura is an incredible coach who specializes in the area of grief. I have contacted her a few times when I needed advice around people grieving. I reached out to her last month when my own grandmother passed away and she knew exactly what to say.

Awhile back Laura asked to interview me about the difference between grief and anxiety/depression and how I deal with it all myself. We had a great 15 minute conversation that I am excited to share here with you! If you are looking for additional support around grief and loss, please visit

And stay tuned for me interviewing some experts like Laura in the area of anxiety and emotions. I feel this topic is not discussed often and many people feel they need to hold their emotions in, which can lead to anger, depression, and physical symptoms. I want to bring attention and clarity so more women can be okay with expressing their emotions and healing.

In this video you’ll learn:

1) The difference between grief and anxiety/depression.

2) My simple tools for dealing with anxiety on a daily basis.

3) How to flip the tendency to be self-critical when we are feeling blue.

4) The 5-minute gift to find peace and healing at any time of day.

(The quality of the video isn't the best, but I trust that you will get exactly what you need.)

I started the the HOPE Journey to help women with anxiety to:

Heal and improve the overall health of their body and mind so they can move forward.

Be Open and declutter their physical space so they can create spaciousness in their mind.

Find Peace so they can become grounded and calm even during the chaos of life.

Express their unique selves as they become healthier, more open, and peaceful.

Head on over to to find hope through your stress and fear so you can feel more at peace in your every day life.

Lots of love,


P.S. Make sure you sign up below to receive my free guided HOPE meditation to feel calm at any moment of your anxious day.

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