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Spring Seasonal Eating Tips

Have you ever noticed that you crave soup and meat when the weather gets cooler? Or you want fresh fruit and vegetables when the weather gets warmer?

You may have heard that it’s beneficial to eat according to the season. Ayurveda is a 5,000 year-old tradition that believes in basing your diet on a seasonal rotation to keep both nature and your body in balance.

Our bodies and minds are meant to absorb certain types of nutrients at different times of the year as well as focus on what is currently being harvested.

Many years ago, people only ate the food that was grown and locally supplied in that specific season.

People weren’t eating berries in the winter or butternut squash soup in the summer. Nowadays because of shipping, large grocery stores and genetically modified organisms, it is easier to get a variety of fruit and vegetables all year long. However, this isn’t what nature intended and for this reason among others, nutrients are lacking and our bodies are suffering.

As we head into spring, it’s a perfect time to adjust our meals and begin eating in season.

It is the season of renewal and growth when we plant seeds and watch the flowers bloom and vegetables grow. It’s also a time to reduce congestion with the changes in the air and common allergies.

In the winter, we are meant to eat healthy fat and protein in order to gain a little weight for the season of hibernation. In the spring, we are meant to eat leafy greens and berries to trim down and increase our energy so we can feel vibrant and strong.

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